Tasty Tuesday: An Apple with a Twist

I found this cool post on apple and I thought it is just an amazing recipe to share with everyone !
Enjoy 😉


Dear Wonderful Reader,

I’m sure I am not the only one who will try to talk you into eating an apple a day, as I’m sure you may remember vivid episodes of your childhood where your mother nagged, and nagged on about eating that very one apple, or maybe she didn’t. Either way, I have done the research for you and eating an apple a day is extremely healthy and just so good for you. I strongly support the popular belief, or rather saying, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away“. But, in doing so, you and I can’t escape the inevitable, which is that apples are boring fruits and they are kind of tasteless and I really want to know what attracted Steve Jobs to apples so much. But, I digress!

Without further ado, I present to you the transformation of a boring apple to a…

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What does 21 years mean!?!

I am 21 years, yup very proud to announce the fact


So what did I learn so far, ummmmmm learn……………..!!! Honestly nothing NEW 

Yes you don’t learn something new everyday, you just start looking at things around you differently…

Okay in short, getting older means a change in perspective- not personality. 

I am the same person i was when i was 10 

What happens to this new Mariam>>>

1. I appreciate things like reading and enjoying conversations with people

2. I appreciate being able to go jog every single day because i want to 

3. I appreciate my parents 

4. I am still struggling with God

Others than that, believe me…….I am me 🙂

With love, 


Are you always follower!

It always saddens me the fact that people affect us so much. And the power that they have over us and how badly do we want their confirmation and acceptance.

Truth: we want it so bad; in fact, one of the basic human needs is social acceptance. This can very bad because it might lead you in doing wrong actions.
I agree that we need to understand that our actions and words affect others and always put people in consideration.

But at the end you should follow your OWN instincts and God when taking any sort of action not people.

Sadly teens these day always fall victims for peer pressure because they think they should follow the crowd.

Man when you are following the wrong crew!!

Be your OWN mentor before making any decision!

You are the only one who will take the full responsibility for your actions.



Super Star Moment

Most of us live these fun moments when we just get up in the middle of our room and start dancing and singing in front of our mirrors garbing anything similar to a microphone-I usually go for my perfume bottle 😉


I do this at least 3 times a week. The best feeling ever: when my favorite song is about to play on my laptop, I get all emotional or crazy acting, dancing, jumping, and singing like am a super star. Man that feels so good.

Here is my advice, if you are not a super star, you can still feel like ONE. JUST TRY IT!!

Remember you can be absolutely ANYTHING you want in life, just be committed and DON’T GIVE UP



The moment we step back from God


How i feel most of the time

Ummmm in life, so many things go wrong with no explanation, but at least when you have God   around, you still feel kinda safe.

Imagine getting in a big trouble with having your dad/ mentor around is NOT AS BAD AS without      them.

Same with God, even in our hardships, we still feel secured when he is in your life.


 Anyway, so here is my story I kinda started drinking lately and stopped praying regularly.

I got myself into a situation that was over 3 years ago.

Now it is taking up all my mind, and I really feel kinda confused and sad.
So pray from me all to get back on track with God and to my old life again.




Mothers are the most mysterious creatures on the planet.

I love my mom to death, which she always doubt it. However, me and my mom NEVER get along.
You are talking about extremely two different mindsets by all means. She is so emotional and everything for her is about feelings, and I am the rational one and cold most of the times. However, I always understand her point of view but she is never willing to understand or at least try to understand the other person’s point of view.

Furthermore I am the person who unconsciously argue about almost anything; my mom is the calm one but VERY sensitive and she takes everything at heart.

You can imagine how a simple conversation between me and my mom can heat up very easily.

Like if you feel the same way with someone whom you deeply love but can’t stop fighting with them.

P.S I love my mom so much, and no doubts she is very good and kind mom.